Who Is This Guy?

Early Stuff

I've been writing all my life. 

Started writing stories for my Aunt Lillian in grade school. I wrote for the high school newspaper, and became a minor sensation at a new school for my senior year.

Followed that up with a stint at newspaper writing in college, split off to publish a short-lived literary magazine.

And then...got a job and stopped writing.

Meeting Ruthie

I worked on some automotive assembly lines, then moved to East Lansing in the Fall of 1979.

I met a young woman named Ruth McNally, and helped to come up with gags for her daily comic strip and promotions for her advertising job.

After we married, we put together three year's worth of the parody  newspaper, The Stale News.

I also worked for local newspapers and magazines.

Losing my job

After more than 30 years in retail, I found myself unemployed in the Spring of 2009. 

Ruth suggested I go back to writing, so I joined SCBWI and some critique groups and have been writing ever since.